Paris in not-quite springtime

3 thoughts on “Paris in not-quite springtime”

  1. Dear Mary,
    I am really sorry to intrude on your Sunday. I am not good at technology, so this is a first for me, and I hope you’ll understand my need!
    I have a ragged copy of your ‘Simmer – and – Stir Christmas Cake’ recipe, which I make every Christmas, and love. My son is getting married in July, and his Fiancée has asked for this as their wedding Cake. The largest cake is 12 inch square, and I am in the process of making it today, but would really appreciate if you could guide me as to the length of time I should cook it for! It’s 3 – 4 times the quantity, but the cooking time has me in a panic!
    Sincere apologies again, and hoping you might find a moment to reply,
    Emer Saul from Dublin.

    1. Hi Emer,
      So sorry to be slow in replying, I was on a train and couldn’t get a reply to you on my mobile. The cooking time is dependent more on the depth of the cake than the circumference, so I would suggest you give in 3 hours, then test it with a skewer. If it comes out clean when you push it into the centre of the cake it is cooked, if not give it another half an hour and test again until cooked. I really think 31/2-4hours should be plenty. Good luck with it and I hope it all turns out brilliantly.

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